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Chris Jones, York, England


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CJ by Irenie Schlesinger. August 2003.
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Self-portrait - 2003.
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CJ in 1970

CJ is a member of the:

Norman Sands

A fine photographer.
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Ratdog's 2003 tour of the UK


As of 12 October 2001 I'm not taking on any new trades while I concentrate on other things in my life - please bookmark my website and come back later. I'll remove this message when I'm ready to trade again.


"Of all the noises, I think music the least disagreeable", Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

This site is dedicated primarily to the Grateful Dead. I have also included related and offshoot bands.

My GD lists are arranged into decades - click on the appropriate web page for the year/category you're interested in.

The section for "Other bands" features recordings by bands which have little or no connection with the Dead - other than I've got material by them.

This is a work in progress and constructive feedback is welcome.

NB recording quality is subjective - I use a scale of A to E with "A+" being best. "E" is not suitable for use as a beer mat.

I've put the date that I got some of my shows, so you can find things that are new since you last looked (it helps me keep tabs on things, too). if you want me to burn a show for you, please make sure that you copy the date format that I use (dd MMMM yy) - even better, copy all the info about that show that I've noted. Believe me, it does help me.

I've included some commercially released live and studio recordings - I've listed them purely so I know what I've got and where things fit chronologically. These are not for trade - please do not ask me for copies of them.

Press here to go to my CDs: The Shows

Press here to go to see some Artwork including pix of tickets, passes, programmes, etc.

If you find any errors or wish to make any comments about this list please email me by putting my first name 'chris', then the '@' sign and then 'live-dead.co.uk' into the address line of an email.

Bootlegs. I've learnt my lesson - honest. Yup. I admit it. In my misspent middle age I bought as many boots as I could lay my hands on (live Dead stuff was a little hard to get hold of here in the UK). Some boots are very good indeed, some are dire. Bootlegs are expensive. Trading is cheap. Since I got a burner and made contact with other Deadheads via the Internet, my need to buy boots has vanished. I figure that I can buy 100 or more CDRs to trade with for any particular bootleg. It makes sense to trade.

Please note that though many of these shows are "bootlegs", quite a few are in fact copies of bootlegs - I just love booting the boots, even if it does deny some hard-pressed bootlegger a bit of dosh! Several people (thanks Chris, thanks Gavin, thanks Philip, thanks Robert, and others) have sent me their boots to copy and distribute freely - and I do.

I don't buy bootlegs now (I've learnt the error of my ways), and I have developed so many trading partners that I am never short of new things to listen to. As well as being cheaper than buying a bootleg, I've found it to be a lot more reliable, and a good way of making friendships.

If you've bought bootlegs in the past and now feel guilty about it - don't. Give them to me and I'll feel guilty on your behalf.

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"We are the people our parents warned us about", anonymous (ca 1967) - although I've also heard it attributed to songwriter and performer Jimmy Buffett.

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